22 July 2010

Desk Organizer Cube Set

ChooChoo Cube Organizer Set

Helps to organize the little knick knacks at your desk, giving a neater enviroment. :))

ChooChoo Cube Set (Set of 5pcs)
Measurements: 6 x 6 x 7.3cm

$5 Each Set

Box in Box table organizer

Multi-purpose boxes, use it to organize your cosmectics on your dressing table or the stationaries on your office desk!

Box in Box

Measures: 31.5x20.5x16.5cm

Available in 2 colours:
1) Pink
2) Green

$8.50 Each

Clean Up Box

A real handy box for your table!

How to use the box will be based on your needs!

Clean Up Box

Only left in Green

$9.50 Each

Monopoly Desk Organizer

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