07 December 2011

Our Online Shop is open!

Dear customers and long time supporters,

after a hiatus of approximately 5months plus, we are happy to say that we will be launching our online shop soon in together with our Facebook Group launch!

This will be an exciting time for us as it will help us have better management and updating of new products.

At the same time, we will also be able to offer the alternative of credit card payment for our customers.

Our products can now be purchased online here:

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Shopping with Tea
Email: shoppingwithtea@gmail.com

NB: We are still loading new and existing products. Out out stock items on the blog will be indicated and not loaded onto online shop.

27 July 2011

Stock-Taking in Process!

sorry for the wait everyone!

Stock taking in Process and getting use to the online shop before its launched.

Will keep you posted soon!


Shopping with Tea

27 October 2010

Pencils & Erasers

Unique pencils that looks like a matchstick,great for adults or children alike!

Matchstick Pencil (Random Colors will be given)

$1.40 Each - Sold Out

Boow Pencils

Actual items looks nicer than pictures shown. 

Nice grip and very quality material

Boow Pencils

Available in 4 colours:
1) Blue
2) Pink
3) Green
4) Grey- Sold Out

$1.60 Each

Figurine Erasers

Available in 4 Designs:

1) Workman
2) Superman
3) Pirate
4) Spiderman

$2.50 Each Set- All Sold Out

Matchstick Pencils Design 2

Nicely packed individually in matching packaging!

Matchstick Pencils Design 2

Available in 3 colours:
1) Brown
2) Blue
3) Red

$1.60 Each

Lunchbox Dessert Erasers

Each box comes with 4 erasers,eraser designs are the same.Difference is in the lunchbox.

Lunchbox Dessert Erasers
$2 Each - All Sold Out

Dumbell Erasers ( Random colors will be given,request based on availibilty)

$1.30 Each

$4 (Set of 4pcs)